Baraboo 2030: A Fork in the Road: Envisioning our Destination

Baraboo Public Library, 230 Fourth Avenue, Baraboo, WI

Does news about the Climate Crisis leave you feeling helpless and hopeless? Communities around Wisconsin are taking action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2030. Join us for this wild ride into the future with the program series, Baraboo 2030: Creating a Roadmap for our Carbon Neutral Future.

In the third program of the Baraboo 2030 series, we invite you to participate in a facilitated visioning session, A Fork in the Road: Envisioning our Destination. What will our everyday lives be like if we fail to rise to the challenge of creating a carbon-neutral future? What could our lives be like if we take appropriate action by 2030?

Check our Baraboo 2030 Resource Page for more information about the ongoing Baraboo 2030 program series and resources as it develops.

Joan Wheeler 608-356-6166
slide advertising Baraboo 2030: A Fork in the Road visioning session on 10-12-19