Mission Statement, Values, Vision, and Strategic Directions

Mission Statement

The Baraboo Public Library offers a safe and welcoming environment, providing area residents and visitors with confidential access to cutting edge, high quality resources.  As a center of lifelong learning, the library proactively engages diverse audiences, encourages collaboration, and challenges and empowers its users to participate fully as members of their local and global communities.


Be welcoming
Enable access to cutting edge, high quality resources
Be collaborative
Maintain the highest standards of accountability to users and stakeholders
Be proactive and responsive
Maintain privacy and confidentiality
Be objective, impartial, trustworthy, and honest


Enlighten, enrich, entertain, inspire!

Strategic Directions

         We will:

  • Continue to provide the highest quality customer service and access to print materials, audio, video and programming
  • Communicate frequently and effectively
  • Support the broadest range of interests and ages
  • Have outstanding facilities
  • Be enterprising while maintaining the highest standards of accountability
  • Provide access to emerging and relevant technologies


Strategic Plan and Five Year Operational Plan 2013-2017