Baraboo Reads 2020

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Background of the Baraboo Reads 2020 Project

An alliance of professionals involved in fostering education and reading in the Baraboo area will present a series of book discussions in August focused on books with themes of unity, equity, and inclusivity. Baraboo Reads planners have chosen White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Dr. Robin DiAngelo. Partners in planning the Baraboo Reads project are the Baraboo Acts Coalition, the Baraboo Public Library, the Baraboo School District, UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County, and UW-Madison Extension Sauk County. 

Alex Paulson, Co-Chair of the Baraboo Acts Coalition said, “What a great opportunity to continue a dynamic community program allowing us all to grow and make Baraboo the greatest place on earth to which we all aspire.”

Marcy Huffaker, Co-Chair of the Baraboo Acts Coalition said, “This is such a timely topic, and the author, Robin DiAngelo, is skilled at showing readers how to engage constructively in societal change. I look forward to some interesting discussions!”

A community book discussion about White Fragility will be held at several locations including the Baraboo Public Library in August.  Opportunities to participate in a virtual discussion will be available as well. Area residents who have signed up for a discussion group will be notified soon of options for in-person (with physical distancing) and online discussions.

Area residents can sign up for a discussion group and pick up a free book at either the Baraboo Public Library or The Village Booksmith starting Monday, June 1st. Books have been made available, thanks in part to funds provided by UW-Madison Extension Sauk County.

For more information about the Baraboo Reads program, contact Jessica Bergin at the Baraboo Public Library, or at (608) 356-6166.