Library Expansion Project

to the Library Building Fund

Milestone Schedule


  • Kick Off Sessions October 18
  • Example Facility Tours October 19
  • Staff/Board - Programming Sessions November 29
  • Strategic Plan Outline - WiLS December 20
  • Initial Program Release (draft) December 22
  • 80% Strategic Plan – WiLS January 9
  • Review Conference Call January 11
  • Program Released (progress draft) January 11
  • Library Board Update January 15
  • Final Program released January 17

II. CONCEPTUAL DESIGN (explore options)

  • Start Conceptual Design January 18
  • Final Strategic Plan – WiLS January 31
  • Conceptual Option Summary released February 5
  • Building Committee – Mtg/Conf/Video Call February 7
  • Refined Option Summary released February 13
  • Building Committee – Mtg/Conf/Video Call February 14
  • Library Board Update (5:30) February 18
  • Stakeholders Meeting (5:30) February 19
  • Public Session 1 “Sneak Peak” (10:00 & 5:30) February 20
  • Building Committee – Conf/Video Call Early March
  • Library Board Meeting (select option) March 19

III. SCHEMATIC DESIGN (develop one option)

  • Start Schematic Design March 20
  • Initial Schematic Design released April 9
  • Building Committee – Conf/Video Call April 11
  • Draft Schematic Design released April 22
  • Library Board Update April 23
  • Public Engagement Session 2 (selected scheme) April 24
  • Refined Schematic Design released May 7
  • Building Committee – Conf/Video Call May 9
  • Schematic Design released May 16
  • Library Board Update May 20
  • Community Forum Sessions May 22
  • Common Council Presentation May 28

Library Sneak Peak

The Baraboo Public Library unveiled conceptual drawings for the building expansion and remodel project in two public “Sneak Peak” sessions at the library on February 20. The preliminary plans, developed by Ann Dilcher, a LEED accredited architect with Quinn Evans Architects, and Carter Arndt, project architect with MSA Professional Services, give the public an idea of the library expansion design being considered by decision makers. We hope members of the public will view the drawings and give their opinions about how design features and arrangements might improve the delivery of library services and enhance the library as a community resource in Baraboo.

Conceptual designs from the February 20th Sneak Peak sessions (PDF)

Architects will incorporate suggestions and requests that have been gathered from library decision makers and the public to develop one of the conceptual drawings into a schematic design. In April, the draft schematic design will be presented to the public and decision makers for further comment. Based on this input, architects will create a refined schematic design, which will be presented in its final form to the Common Council in May.

Get Loud for the Library Initiative

Read the case for expansion in 2021:

Your chance to see the detailed schematic design and voice your opinion:

Community Forum Sessions
May 22, 2019 at 10 AM and 5:30 PM

Tour of the Library Expansion Conceptual Drawings

We have developed a video guided tour of the architects' three conceptual drawings. Please watch the video and then share with us your opinion about which design would best help the library serve the community. Comment on our Facebook page, on comment cards available in the adult department of the library, or by emailing our director, Jessica Bergin, at jessica(at)baraboopubliclibrary(dot)org.

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Strategic Plan

Fo more information on the project and supporting documents, visit the Building Project Archive.