Teen Tuesday





Tuesday, January 14  --  A Proper British Tea & Talent Show

Observe the 461st anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.  There will be an open mike for you to share your talent.


Tuesday, January 21  -- Life-size Monopoly

Which brand of pizza is the best?  You be the judge


Tuesday, January 28  --  Blanket Forts & Cocoa

Build a blanket fort in the program room.  Then snuggle in with a good book and hot cocoa!


Tuesday, February 4 -- Teen Iron Chef

Create a tasty dish with a variety of ingredients.  Will your team be crowned the champion?


Tuesday, February 11 -- Show Some Love

We will tie fleece blankets to share with those in need.


Tuesday, February 18 -- Super Soda Day

Sample soda varieties from near and far.  Learn how to make your own root beer!


Tuesday, February 25 -- Pancake Party

Enjoy Mardi Gras games and pancakes!


Tuesday, March 3 -- Going Out With a Bang!

Join us for an energetic drum circle with Elmore Lawson.  This is Penny's farewell party, as she is retiring.  So don't miss this!