Teen Tuesday



 *Tuesday, April 4 - Card Games Galore

      Learn to play a variety of card games new and old.



* Tuesday, April 11 - Office Olympics

      Desk chair sprint, trash bin shot put, paperclip challenge...these are just some of the event we'll have!





  * Tuesday, April 18 - Bookfaces and READ Posters

       We need new posters for our teen space.  Help us create them!


Drinking straws *Tuesday, April 25 - Drinking Straw Projects

We had to cancel this event in January, but we didn't want to miss it.  What can you make with a bunch of straws?


 Battleship board game * Tuesday, May 2 - Board Games

We are bringing out a big stack of board games for you.  Come and play an old favorite or learn a new one!


* Tuesday, May 9 - Fear Factor Grossology

Just how far are you willing to go?


*Tuesday, May 16 - Melted Crayon Art

You'll love the patterns you'll make with melting crayons!


Calvinball*Tuesday, May 23 - Calvinball

Back by popular demand! We will be meeting at a local park to play this crazy game inspired by Calvin & Hobbes.  Watch for more details!


* Tuesday, May 30 - Murder Mystery Party

Be a detective and solve the mystery at the library.